Online shopping: Esther might steal my online shopping virginity.

I recently have become a member of Pinterest, which is a photo sharing, social media website. Users create “boards” with a title, and they can “pin” pictures to their boards. The boards generally have themes such as “Fashion” or “Home Decor”. People can collect all images that inspire them in one location. It’s especially great because when you click on your pin/picture, a link to the website where the image is from opens. You can find plenty of interesting craft tutorials, hair style tips, and online stores to buy all kinds of things!

I am hooked on Pinterest, and love browsing the different fashion and craft ideas. While looking around on the site under the Women’s Apparel tab, I noticed a picture of a girl appearing all over the place! She was thin, tan, blonde, and looked kind of Australian (I base that off what I know about Australians, as I have a few friends from there… You know, long flowy blonde hair with lighter ends/hair in a high round bun. Every Australian girl I know does their hair like that). So i saw pictures of this model everywhere, and realized this wasn’t just some girl trying on clothes in front of a camera and letting the timer capture herself posing awkwardly.

This is her. Her picture is all over Pinterest! She is the model for a website called Esther. Esther is an Australian online shopping “store”. i had never heard of them before, and was pleasantly surprised when I checked out the website.

I am personally not a big online shopper. I have problems trusting companies and I rarely see anything that catches my eye so strongly that I MUST buy the item right away. However, Esther is different.

This website carries some of the nicest looking clothes I have seen in a long time. The dresses are all very elegant, the blazers are flattering, and the tops are fun. All the pieces look excellent on the model, to the point where I seriously want to purchase something on the website. If you check out the site, there is a lot of information about the people who started the store.

It was started by a woman named Tattla Estelle, and the store is updated weekly. It is really something else, and should be checked out by any female shopper with a sense of style. Also, the shipping to Canada is only $30, which seems like a deal to me! Just pitch in with a few friends, and the shipping will only be $5 each!

Stay golden,


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